For the smooth functioning of any institution, it is mandatory to establish effective written codes of conduct in promoting honourable behaviour by all its stakeholders. In this changing scenario of proliferation of misguided values, it is necessary to educate everybody about the “code of conduct” that has to be followed for ensuring a successful implementation of all the objectives of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs). Codes of conduct learnt and followed in HEIs can also provide a basis for ethical behaviour in later life which helps in carving out responsible citizens for our country. The major objectives of Code of Conduct includes

  • Giving greater emphasis on preventing financial, scientific, and academic fraud
  • Ensuring more participation of the stakeholders of an institution in its activities
  • Establishment of a proper process for implementation of the code.

Fatima Mata National College (Autonomous), Kollam ever since its origin has placed great importance in ensuring the observance of holistic values in the members who have walked past her portals. Continuing the tradition established by the Founding Father, the college has ensured that its students, teachers, non-teaching staff and all the other members follow the codes set by the College authorities, and the codes set by the UGC, the state government and the Central government. To familiarise the members of the college with all the Codes of Conduct, the various Codes of Conduct are displayed in the college website, which acts as a ready reckoner.